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The most extraordinary products. I bought several. A great local company. Well done! - Nicole, Vivia verified customer

WOW! What a great discovery you are! I tested 3 products and these 3 products will be renewed soon and will be part of my essentials. Really great products for the whole family! - Kim, Vivia verified customer

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This offer includes 8 formulas to diffuse:

Pure Air Formula
Its sanitizing properties leave a clean sensation in any room.

Calm Formula
Its citrusy aroma calms and soothes.

Energy Formula
The formula gives a boost of energy and stimulates the brain.

Citrus Freshness Formula
This formula spreads joy like magic!

Slumber Formula
The softness of lavender will rock you to sleep.

Cold and Flu Protection Formula
Perfect for cleansing the air, relaxation and supporting the immune system. The eucalyptus in this blend is like a spa.

Meditation Formula
The ideal formula for a calming and relaxing moment.

Lavender+ Formula
The perfect combination of lavender and lemon to cleanse a room and relax.

Wood stand not included.
This offer is only available online.

Visit the page of each formula for more details and contraindications

Essential oils are powerful, concentrated natural substances with multiple benefits for your health and well-being. They are wonderful allies to use with caution. Follow use recommendation and avoid improvisation. Inform and document yourself from credible sources (aromatherapists, naturopaths, pharmacists, doctors, authors, etc.). In case of doubt regarding your health, consult a healthcare professional. VIVIA disclaims all liability in relation to improper use of essential oils.
Essential oils are for external and occasional use only (unless specified by a professional). For cutaneous use, always dilute essential oils. Keep essential oils out of reach of children. Do not use essential oils if you suffer from epilepsy, are pregegant or breastfeeding (some exceptions apply). Essential oils may cause cutaneous reactions (inflammation, irritation, redness, etc.). In such a case, cease the use of the essential oil and consult a healthcare professional.

Vivia cannot be held accountable for allergic reactions to essential oils.

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Cruelty free

Cruelty free

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Natural & organic



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No overpacking

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Made in QC Canada