Peaceful Nights - Tips And Tricks For Helping Children Sleep Better!

Monster-ban Mist

What Is The Monster-ban Mist?
The Monster-Ban Mist is the saviour of children and parents! It allows the entire family to sleep peacefully by keeping monsters hiding in the closet or under the bed at bay. This very simple mist can be crafted with children and is then sprayed in the bedroom before bedtime.
The mist has two functions:
First of all, it is a warrior and defender against scary monsters and helps soothe children’s fears.
Secondly, when using the Calm or Slumber Formulas, the mist helps children find sleep more easily for the night.
This recipe only takes a few minutes to make at home but will give you hours of well-deserved sleep!
To make the Monster-Ban Mist you will need:
*The alcohol is used to set the essential oils and helps the aroma last longer in your mist. Of course, this ingredient is optional if you have any concerns for your children. The Monster-Ban Mist should always be used under the supervision of an adult. Furthermore, only adults should manipulate essential oils to make the recipe.
Properties Of The Calm And Slumber Formulas
The properties of the essential oils found in both of Vivia formulas suggested for making this miracle spray are relaxing, soothing and help find a calm state of mind. They help find sleep more easily and ease tensions. Their sedative properties can be seen as a natural sleeping aid.
Three easy steps to make this mist:
Before beginning, make sure that the spray bottle is clean. 
  1. First Add the essential oil blend of your choice to the bottle. The ratio is 20 drops of essential oil for every 30ml of liquid. If you want a 100 ml total final product, you will need a total of 66 drops of essential oils.
  2. (Optional) Add 10ml of alcohol.
  3. Finish the recipe by adding the amount of water required (quantity sufficient) to fill the bottle up to 100ml total. 
And there you have it! Your Monster-Ban Mist is ready to use! Always shake the bottle before spraying. For more impact, decorate the bottle with sparkles, stickers, letters, a name tag or any other decoration that your child may find comforting.
How To Use The Monster-ban Mist?
Before bedtime, shake the mist for the magic to take form and spray your child’s sheets, pillow, under the bed and/or closet to make the monsters disappear! Your little one will sleep peacefully knowing that the mist has made the monsters go away!
This mist is also great to help mom, dad and the rest of the family fall asleep!
None. You may notice that the product page for our Slumber Formula warns against using it in the bedroom of children below 6 months of age however the because the oil is dilluted and rather than diffused in the ambient air, it is safe for all as it is.

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Tips For Your Little Ones

Here are a few tips for babies and children of all ages who have difficulty falling asleep or that wake up during the night and have trouble falling back asleep.
When you’re with your child during the daytime, add a drop of mandarin, orange or camomille essential oil on you or your clothes on a location where your child will be able to smell it (much like a perfume).
At bedtime, add a drop of this same essential oil to their stuffed animal or security blanket that they sleep with. By doing so, your child will come to associate this odour with you which will calm and soothe them. Your child will be calmed by your omnipresent scent. It’s the same idea as leaving a piece of your clothing in their bed to comfort them.
Here are a few Vivia essential oils that I recommend for your little ones as they are suitable for all ages.
For children above the age of two, here is our complete line of Vivia products suitable for children in case the Monster-Ban Mist wasn’t enough.
 Do not use for children under 6 months. 
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