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This bundle is fully thought out and designed for typical spring activities: cleaning, airing the house on cooler spring days, returning to outdoor activities. The products chosen from the bundle are the most popular of the season, they will help you regain an energy boost to make the most of spring.

Pure Air Diffuser Formula
Purify the air in the house with the sanitizing and disinfecting properties of the Air Pur formula. Its smell of conifers, mint and rosemary is fresh and pleasant.

Lemon essential oil
We rarely talk about spring without a lot of cleaning. Lemon essential oil is ideal for this occasion since its properties are known to be antiseptic.

Why not use it in your homemade cleaning products?

Black Spruce essential oil
Find back your energy with black spruce essential oil. People feeling tired, or even lethargic will greatly benefit from this oil. Black spruce is the oil of strength and energy.

Travel Spray
The Travel Spray is essential to take along on your outings! Whether travelling or in nature, this spray is perfect as it contains essential oils with disinfecting and deodorizing properties for surfaces, objects and your hands!

Fresh Room Spray
It purifies the air and brings a fresh and lightly spicy aroma to the room. Replace unpleasant odours in your home by the delicious aromas of lemon eucalyptus, clove, spike lavender, petitgrain and rosemary.

Just spray directly on your mattress and pillow, textiles and clothing 1-2 per week to benefit from the anti-dust mite properties of its essential oils.

Use it on days when the windows are open to ventilate the house.

Little bonus tip: Just spray directly on your mattress and pillow, textiles and clothing 1-2 per week to benefit from the anti-dust mite properties of its essential oils. You can also use it on all furniture covered with fabrics (armchair, chair, sofa, sofa bed, etc.) as well as curtains. Avoid pale or white fabrics.

Energy B-Roll
A small concentrated bottle of energy to bring along with you to help you conquer the day.

Its concentrated formula of essential oils with toning, stimulating and energizing proprieties can be used at home, the office, or during a sporting event.
Essential oils are powerful, concentrated natural substances with multiple benefits for your health and well-being. They are wonderful allies to use with caution. Follow use recommendation and avoid improvisation. Inform and document yourself from credible sources (aromatherapists, naturopaths, pharmacists, doctors, authors, etc.). In case of doubt regarding your health, consult a healthcare professional. VIVIA disclaims all liability in relation to improper use of essential oils.
Essential oils are for external and occasional use only (unless specified by a professional). For cutaneous use, always dilute essential oils. Keep essential oils out of reach of children. Do not use essential oils if you suffer from epilepsy, are pregegant or breastfeeding (some exceptions apply). Essential oils may cause cutaneous reactions (inflammation, irritation, redness, etc.). In such a case, cease the use of the essential oil and consult a healthcare professional.

Vivia cannot be held accountable for allergic reactions to essential oils.

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Cruelty free

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Natural & organic



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Made in QC Canada