About us


In 2007, a Canadian woman, Marie Dionne, discovered a new passion: the powers and virtues of essential oils. Following this discovery, she decided to set everything aside and study aromatherapy using a scientific approach. Marie was especially interested in the proprerties of essential oils and their effect on specific problems or situations. The end of her studies and her desire to help others with a natural therapeutic approach led her to create VIVIA.

For Marie, it is important to work with quality essential oils that are locally sourced whenever possible. Vivia products have never been tested on animals which is a great source of pride. On the other hand, using organic ingredients is also of importance which is why the ingredients used in our products come from organic certified suppliers.


Many essential oils used in VIVIA products come from plants cultivated and distilled in Canada in collaboration with a local organic certified company. This company distils local plants on location and imports essential oils of plants not grown locally.

All essential oils are 100% pure and organic as certified by an independent lab. This collaboration, solidified over numerous years, ensures superior quality in the confection of our products (from cultivation to confection and bottling). By working closely with this supplier, VIVIA proudly encourages local commerce while offering quality products that embottle the aromas and the image of our Canadian nature and the world.


Marie has been collaborating with Virginie, the founder of Infuze Magazine (formerly known as Blond Story) since 2016. Many beautiful projects have seen the day throughout this collaboration. Our founder shares her knowledge of aromatherapy through articles on the website. A pop-up shop for Infuze Magazine occurs a few times each year and Vivia gladly participates at each occasion. This pop-up shop has also led to the creation of exclusive limited-edition aromatherapy products. The event continues to generate a lot of excitement every time it occurs! (Update: the pop-up shop has been cancelled as of spring 2020).


Throughout the year, VIVIA offers about 20 workshops where aromatherapy is the star of the discussion. The Introduction to aromatherapy workshop is one of the most frequently offered by Marie and is perfectly suited for those wanting to initiate themselves to aromatherapy. In these workshops, learn to create your own products with essential oils such as lotions, serums and soaps. The workshops are given all around the province of Quebec and online in collaboration with various organizations. 

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